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Health Platform

Welcome to vida

Finding care shouldn’t be your biggest challenge.

Providers all look the same, insurance is impossible to navigate, and half the time you’re not sure what you really need. But what if you didn’t have to know? What if the care you needed could be at your fingertips before anything went wrong? Welcome to Vida. Welcome to the future of health care.

Welcome to vida

Care. For you.

Vida takes the hassle out of health care by connecting you to the people and things you need to feel and live better. Whether it’s a meal service that’s designed for your health or an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, Vida makes it simple to find care and even simpler to connect to it.

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Welcome to vida

Health platforms like Vida have the potential to deliver enormous value to both consumers and providers. When services and care options come together in one place, consumers get increased choice, transparent (and therefore competitive) pricing, and, most importantly, a simpler way to access what they need to live healthier lives. Providers, on the other hand, stand to gain increased access to automation, predictive population health data, and a marketplace that gives them a role in consumers’ lives by making their services more accessible and engaging.

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Amazon’s market share in e-commerce more than tripled between 2009 and 2013. Google took less than three years to claim over half the search market. How long until a health care marketplace comes along that will do the same?

A system that learns with you.

Vida gets to know you by using your data, and gets smarter the longer you use it. By coordinating wearable, IOT, financial, social, and health data, Vida can give you unprecedented insights into your health – insights that might even save your life.

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At the heart of our broader view of health is the recognition that new health platforms will upend the traditional payer-provider system and unlock a wealth of insights for both individuals and society. Driven by increases in data resolution, volume, and analysis, the ability to quickly spot and react to health trends will become a key element of proactive care – for both individuals and the broader population. The health care industry stands at the precipice of a world of predictive modeling that will create a completely new paradigm for health care interactions.

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The old model of insurance has to change. Health platforms will require a different kind of payment – one that’s more personalized and flexible and can provide a better experience for the people who use it. The future-proof company will be the one driving this change, rather than running to catch up to it.

The future of health care means creating a subscription-based approach that’s comfortable, simple, and useful. That’s what health platforms really mean; they’re the health care version of a model that’s been demonstrated, time and time again, to change the way markets work – and the way people live.

Time to live your life.

Vida does the boring stuff for you, so you can focus on what matters. It keeps track of your appointments, manages your records, connects to your home, schedules deliveries and home visits, and makes sure every part of your health care works together. Vida makes health care part of your life, not an obstacle to living it.

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Convenience and automation are natural benefits of a robust health platform, but the promise of convenience goes far beyond simple scheduling and administrative tasks. In time, it will shift into subtle lifestyle integrations that influence our health before we even need to ask. Allowing a platform to help coordinate the daily interactions we have with all aspects of our lives – whether our environment, our work, our food, our social lives, or our fitness and wellness routines – changes the notion of health to something that’s much more textured and varied than the simple binary of “healthy/unhealthy.”

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When we look at the health questions consumers ask, more than two-thirds of them are broad, complex, and based on larger goals. These are questions that require coordinated responses from multiple sources to answer properly – a task that health platforms like Vita will excel at.