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The best health care should be the only kind there is.

There’s incredible expertise and experience available in the world of health care – but access to it is limited by geography, resources, and logistics. But what if the best care in the world was available anywhere? What if we could all share the knowledge and expertise that we need to live healthier lives? Welcome to Liora. Welcome to better care.

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The best care.

Liora brings the expertise of doctors, providers, nutritionists, therapists, and trainers together to provide a level of care that goes beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. Whether it’s at a digital appointment or at our all-inclusive locations where you can see multiple care team members in one session, we bring world-class care to you – wherever you are.

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With the disturbing rise of social polarization only accelerating, access is becoming one of the biggest concerns for providers all over the world. Traditional health systems are being forced to consolidate, further limiting their services – and that means there’s room for competition. Products like Liora, that expand the availability of services via both digital and franchised encounters, can drive growth and diversification at the care delivery level. It’s important to note, however, that because consumer interest in higher-value services is increasing, the ability to receive hands-on care when the need arises is still critically important.

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Already, consumers are as comfortable with medical care delivered at retail venues as that delivered by traditional clinics—and comfort with digital care is close behind. We anticipate a wave of new products and services that make getting world-class care easier, cheaper, and more accessible than ever before.

Unique care.
Unique you.

Your care shouldn’t be based on averages, trends, and likely outcomes. It should be based on your data: your DNA, your body, your life. When you use Liora, you’ll gets insights from at-home pharmacogenomic and nutrigenomic tests that will help you get the care that works hardest for YOU.

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Genomic tools and the ability to personalize care are already fundamentally changing the way we think about health. Companies like 23&me have created comfort and familiarity with DNA-based results and recommendations, and like-minded companies are proliferating quickly. In less time than you think, genomic testing will be an expectation, not a feature, and personalized insights will be part of the price of admission.

The number of personalized drugs and treatments has multiplied by a factor of ten in the last decade alone, and that growth continues to accelerate. It’s not hard to imagine a future in which personal insights inform everything we do – from our exercise regimens to our nutritional choices.

Your health is intricate.
Your care should be simple.

The only kind of care that makes sense is care that looks at the whole picture. Care that coordinates everything you need. Care that integrates every part of your life. So you can live it the way you want. Liora brings the best care from the best specialists together in one place and gives you a simple way to get what you need – no matter how complex it is.

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Medical disciplines have long been separated from one another, with little sharing of information, even between specialists who see the same patient. But more and more systems are moving toward suites of services that meet the real needs of consumers. From hair loss to physical therapy to diabetes care, the list (and breadth of services) is growing daily, because consumers are starting to expect care to be convenient, accessible, and simple. And the future of care lies in meeting those expectations – or exceeding them.